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PCC Reports

St Peter ad Vincula Financial Report for year ending 2021 – Summary

As of 31st December 2021 the balance on the current account was £1,908.14.

On deposit we have

  • £1,461.40 reserved in the Bell Fund;
  • £1,055.13 reserved in the 52 Club; and
  • £7,037.47 in Cash Reserves.

On deposit in the Church of England Deposit Fund is £46,218.93.  This fund is used to repair and maintain the church as directed by the 5-yearly annual survey by an independent architect.  The repairs will focus on the masonry and the roof in particular.

Official Reports and Accounts

Below are the latest minutes and financial reports for the PCC.

AGM April 2022

Minutes (Draft)PCC – The Combined Meeting of 28th April 2022
PCC – Annex A [AGM 28 Apr 2022]
PCC – Annex B [AGM 28 Apr 2022]
PCC – Annex C [AGM 28 Apr 2022]

Financials 2021

Annual ReportPCC – 2021 Annual Report-Accounts